豊田国際紙フォーラム / PAPER TOYOTA  (English)
“Create the bright future through paper” 


A series of paper-themed exhibitions will be held throughout Toyota City from September 2021. The exhibits will include paper art from around the world and paper gathered from inside and outside Japan. The core period will consist of a online congress organized by the international paper organization IAPMA and held on October 7 and 8, and a symposium, workshops, markets, and other events held throughout the day on the 9th for adults and children alike to enjoy.
* In view of the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, PAPER TOYOTA 2020 will be postponed until autumn of 2021.
* These events are subject to change.

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Purpose of the forum

Silk farming has been prominent in Japan since ancient times. Farmers have practiced the custom of rearing silkworms in their attics and weaving silk fabrics. In this setting, Sakichi Toyoda, who wished to reduce the workload of his mother, developed an automatic loom about 100 years ago. He established a company to sell this machine. Sakichi’s son, Kiichiro, inherited his spirit and revived the automobile industry. Toyota City is named after their company.
Meanwhile, washi paper has been produced in abundance in Obara district, a mountainous area in Toyota City, since ancient times. Tatsukichi Fujii, an artist who understood the excellent quality of washi paper, opened an art village in Obara district about 80 years ago.
At that time, washi paper was produced for the making of everyday items like shoji (sliding doors with washi paper screens), umbrellas, and so on. Tatsukichi inspired the people of the village by telling them, “Just producing washi paper is not enough. We have to develop washi paper production into an industry. An industry with Japanese craftsmanship we can proudly introduce to the world, which will become the foundation of our prosperous future,” and he brought art to Obara.
To this day, this spirit has been passed down and people are seeking all kinds of new challenges that will bring prosperity. Based on that same element of creating something from nature, the spirit of these pioneers, the spirit of “monozukuri”— crafting, creation, and production—continues to blossom in Toyota City, and it reflects the spirit of “OMOIYARI”, kind consideration toward others. How should we engage in production and manufacturing, in order to create a better future?
To rethink how we should approach manufacturing through the example of paper, a groundbreaking invention that mankind created from nature—this is the theme of PAPER TOYOTA 2020.

Management organizations

Organizer Toyota city, PAPER TOYOTA Executive Committee
Co-host IAPMA (the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists)
Advisor Toshihiko OTA / Toyota City Mayor
Issei YAMAUCHI / Toyota Obara Washi Kougei Association
Kozo IGARASHI / All Japan Handmade Washi Association
Chairman Akiko TOYODA/Chief Director of the Toyota International Association, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Vice-Chairman Sohei YAMAUCHI / Toyota Obara Washi Kogei Association
General producer Row TOGASHI / Director of the Toyota-shi Obara Paper Art Museum Washi no Furusato
General director unit-NAGI / Artist

Event period

7th October to 5th December 2021

Core Period: 7th to 10th October 2021


Toyota city Obara Paper Art Museum Washi no Furusato / Toyota city Mingeikan /  Toyota Sangohkan / Kirakutei / Toyota Civic gallery

*This is the flyer before the postponement.